Are you looking for an automatic case packer for lockbottom cartons? Look no further than the LOCKPACK from Graphic West Packaging Machinery.  Not only is the LOCKPACK the world’s fastest fully automatic case packer for lockbottom cartons, it’s also an effective solution for packing 6‐corners and many other carton styles.

Why choose the LOCKPACK?

  • Requires only a single operator to achieve maximum output
  • Also reduces physical work‐load on the single operator
  • Practical automation for any run length of 50,000 cartons or more
  • Compatible with virtually all folder‐gluer makes and models
  • Can increase folder‐gluer run speed by 25% to 40% on average, in some cases as much as 100%

About Graphic West Packaging Machinery:

Graphic West continues to invest in ways that will support and advance our customer’s production objectives. Our growth has always been a function of evaluating and anticipating the ever-changing needs of the Folding Carton Industry.

The Graphic West reputation for Technical Expertise and real-world production solutions comes from many years of consistent support on Jagenberg folder-gluers and casepackers.

After a decade of supplying spare parts and premium reconditioned Jagenberg machinery, Graphic West now offers brand new equipment packages which are designed, manufactured and assembled in our 48,000 square foot facility in Manchester, CT.