Graphic West manufactures and maintains inventory on literally thousands of OEM Spare Parts for JAGENBERG Folding Carton Gluers and Case Packers


Graphic West fully supports all of the equipment we sell as well as all Jagenberg folding carton gluers, case packers and ancillary equipment.This support includes mechanical rebuild and repair, electrical/electronic troubleshooting, operator training and application support as well as a variety of upgrades and retrofit packages.

All of our brand new machinery includes an Ethernet router package for customer-authorized remote connection.This enables secure connection anywhere in the world for software downloads and remote diagnosis.In today’s global workplace, remote diagnosis can be very cost effective compared with travel time and related expenses.

We have our own staff of engineers and technicians covering USA and Canada.For installations abroad, we have international partners who are fully trained and capable to support our equipment.

Graphic West personnel also travel abroad when our specific expertise is requested or required.